Video: Mind Maps

Hi, this is my video.

But it´s not perfect and maybe quite embarrassing. 😀 Please, don´t laugh too much. My ideas were quite difficult for this program, I guess. And when I somehow simplified them, it was difficult to make again. 😀 The program is pretty limited, but I’m glad I created something. 🙂 It was fun, but also stressful – a mix of emotions…

6 thoughts on “Video: Mind Maps

  1. Hi Erika,

    as you wrote to my video, Adobe Spark is very limited but I think, you worked with it well 🙂 I like your own mind-map where you practically shown, how to work with it.
    How much time did you spend with creating video?


  2. Hi,
    first, there is no reason to feel embarrassed. Especially if it is your first or one of the first video. Beginnings aren’t easy in video editing. 😉 The content of your video is understandable without any problem, also I like the examples you have shown. I would maybe recommend to include more scenes with your face – as I said below Josef’s video it’s the good way to keep viewer’s attention. Although it sometimes can be uncomfortable (in my case I really don’t like recording my face or my voice but it was the only way to make my idea real 😀 ).
    I like how you made an “animations” without animating tools (it’s a good idea to use 2 similar pictures with the transition as you did for example at 1:00), it looks more lively than if you would use just static images.
    Anyway, I think you did well. 🙂 You explained the topic well and the technical things are just about the practice with the video editing software.

    P.S. I like how the arrow points from work to the Monday’s pub. 😀


    1. Thank you, Ondřej, for your feedback. Actually, those pictures took me a lot of time. 😀 I used Malování, I colored those clouds and arrows… 😀 It was fun but quite time-consuming. 😀


  3. Hi Erika! You have such a soothing tone of voice, that I feel almost calm after all day! 😀
    I like the video, I think that use the example of your mind map was a good idea. Maybe you could mention online tools because you used one of them (or maybe I just didn’t catch it)? But it is nice! You should dub fairy tales or something! 😀


    1. Thank you, Hanka. 😀 I think I spoke like a robot in the video. 😀 Yeah, actually I wanted to talk about tolls as well, but I was so exhausted with this already that I´ve decided to skip it. 😀


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