Report from user testing

Hello 🙂 I am sorry, I will finish my report until Tuesday midnight, cause I´m waiting for one student. I´ve already made user testing with three students, but I would like to sum it up with the fourth one. Hope you understand. 🙂 Have a nice day!

Hello again 🙂 So I finished my testing with four students who are bachelor degree students from ESF, PřF, FF, and PdF. I asked three girls and one boy. Interesting thing was that the boy was almost the opposite of the girls, because it seemed he didn´t lie mind maps at all. 😀 One girl tested my module on a tablet, the rest on their notebooks.

I will sum up their answers below:


  • All of the students think my module was well-structured, clear and easy to understand. Of girl thought it was quite short, she may prefer more information about mind mapping.
  • All of them read the whole module, but the interesting fact was that only one girl actually clicked on the links. So here we can ask ourselves whether are those links effective and necessary.
  • All of them felt good while testing, but the boy was quite bored I guess or how to say… maybe a little bit fed up with mind maps. 😀 He didn´t understand maps on the pictures, he just didn´t think it could be useful for him.


  • Two of them thought the test was easy and the other two thought it was neither easy nor hard.
  • Two of them thought the test was useful for them and two of them thought it was useless.
  • They didn´t like longer questions.
  • They prefer shorter multiple choice questions.


  • The assignment was the same as the test – so the ease and the usefulness were fifty-fifty.
  • The girl who tested my module on a tablet was quite annoyed by Coggle, because the tool didn´t work properly on a tablet.
  • The boy didn´t like the assignment, because he thinks making notes is better than mind mapping. He did not like to use any colors, because it was time-consuming. He used Mindmeister for creating his mind map.


Adjectives they would connect with mind maps:

  • negative: time-consuming, redundant, chaotic
  • positive: creative, new, effective, organized, unconventional, nice, multicolored, easy, helpful


  • All of the girls plan to use mind maps again
  • Two of them prefer using paper for mind mapping. The rest doesn´t care.
  • The boy mentioned the problem of data misuse when using online tool. Plus he doesn´t like to learn how to work with a new tool. He also mentioned that using paper for mind mapping is more time-consuming than using online tool.